Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spring Semester 2010

Spring Semester has begun, started 2 weeks ago really. So far it has been amazing, I can definitely see a change from last semester. My classes are so much fun, and I am loving every minute of them. Especially history since it gives me a nice chance to sleep!! j/k I don't sleep that much in history, but really... an hour and 15 minutes of history is enough to put anyone to sleep (unless you're a history major, then I'm sorry!) I am taking two English classes this semester, English 2010 and English 2520 (a.k.a. American Literature), Psychology 1010, Principles of Nutrition, and History 1700; as well as two institute classes (Book Of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants). It is a full schedule but so far I am enjoying it, I am able to keep up with the work, as well as enjoy some down time. For other news of this semester; we got a new roommate in our apartment; her name is Amanda Ogrady and she fits into our apartment very nicely. I do miss Kim a ton; quite often I wish that she was still there so that we could have our cousin time every now and then. But I know that she is where she belongs. Amanda is very nice and very outgoing, it was a perfect match for a new roommate. Not many know this, but I was very nervous to go back to school this semester, for a quite a number of reasons; I just wasn't sure I could handle it. I liked being home, and having time to myself, doing the things that I wanted to do, not what others wanted me to do. But as the weeks have gone by I have realized that something has changed within me and I just don't seem to care anymore. I do the things that I like, and I hangout with the people that I enjoy being with and it doesn't matter what others say. I have hung out with Katie and Susan practically everyday, whether it be playing games, watching movies, or just sitting in their room getting courtship and marriage advice from Susan. It has really improved my level of happiness and I feel at peace once again. All the fears that I had about this semester have gone to the back of my mind and I hope that is where it will stay.

My Roommates (Turned into cupcake leaving, doorbell ditching, ninjas) Amanda, Myrinda, Arielle, and Whitney

We again attended a hypnotist show (I enjoyed last semesters a lot better) [Is hypnotists shows popular everywhere, or just a Snow College thing...]

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