Sunday, March 28, 2010

...This is Sanpete...

When you think of Sanpete County, Utah; what do you think of? Small towns, middle of nowhere, farm country, farm smells? I think of those things, but most importantly when I think of Sanpete I think of all the friends that I made there and that still live there. If anything good came out of living there for a few months it was definitely the friends I made. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to show Jaci and Savannah a taste of the Sanpete county that I love. I had a biology test to take and Jaci and Savannah wanted to go down there since I moved, so we decided to make the trip, and boy am I glad!!!

We (Jaci, Savannah, Bryce [Arielle's boyfriend], and myself) left on Friday morning at 8:00. We were all hoping that it wouldn't snow too hard on us, we really wanted to make this trip. When we got to Ephraim we dropped Bryce off at the apartment, I went and took my test, and Jaci and Savannah went to Wal-mart to get some food for our breakfast Saturday morning. When I finished my test and met back up with Jaci and Savannah we headed to the apartment. Everyone was at class and I had promised Katie and Susan that I would come visit them, so off to B-7 we went. We hung in their room for a little bit, met their neighbor Jordan, and heard some of Susan's stories. After we left there we went into Manti to see more of Sanpete County. After Manti we were all starving so we went back to my apartment and ate sandwiches. Then I took Jaci and Savannah on a tour around Snow College (the warm way, walking through the buildings) and met Whitney after her class. Then we met my friend Holly and went back to the apartment where we watched t.v. and played Mario Cart. At 5 Jaci, Savannah, and I headed to Mt. Pleasant where we spent the night at Jaci's grandma's cabin. It started snowing once we got there and we joked about how funny it would be if we ended up getting snowed in, luckily we didn't.

Saturday we woke up and, fixed breakfast, got ready,and cleaned the cabin so it was nice and clean for when Jaci's grandma goes back up. Then we headed into Ephraim for a day of fun with friends. When we got to the apartment my roommates were still getting ready so we just sat around, then Susan came over and we ate some lunch. After lunch we got a group of people (Whitney, Courtney, Arielle, Bryce, Susan, Jaci, Savannah, Mike, Jordan, Adam, Bryan, and myself) together and went to the practice field on campus and played capture the flag. After we played capture the flag we decided to go to the Malt Shop and get shakes. So we walked back to the apartments to get money then walked back down to the Malt Shop. While sitting in the booth at the Malt Shop Susan and I came to an amazing reality. I'm pretty sure I will forever thank the Malt Shop for having old pictures of Ephraim hanging on their walls because I learned that Susan, Katie, and myself are distantly related. It was a very exciting thing to find out. It is such a small world, we went from not knowing each other, to having a class together, to hanging out all the time, just to find out we're related! When we finished our shakes we walked back to the apartment and got ready to come home. The ride home went by super fast, me and Bryce colored pictures, and we all got a laugh out of the crazy people who had gone to the Color Festival in Spanish Fork and were driving down the freeway covered in chalk...ah it was priceless. Just as the whole weekend was!!!

~Katie and Jordan~

~Savannah Lee~

~Makin' Bacon~

~Arielle and Bryce~

~Susan and I~

~We're related...that could explain a few things~

~Susan and Jordan~

~Susan, Jordan, and I~

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