Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend fun...

I was planning on this weekend to be super hectic and packed to the brim with activities. As it ended up it was very low key and didn't do a ton. BUT I was able to hang out with Susan again since she was up here for Easter. So Saturday evening we went shopping. Didn't buy anything, but it's looking that is fun right. After shopping we jammed out to Clay Aiken and went to Panda Express. It was a very simple day but I had SO much fun!!!

Minus the hideousness of the bows in our hair, I love this picture!


  1. haha the bows remind me of kelli. remember how she always used to have a great big bow in her hair. before i met her i remember julie (luke's aunt) telling me you won't miss her, she's always wearing a big bow in her hair. i love kelli.

  2. I am cracking up about Kelli shaving her head. How have I never heard that story?! I really needed a laugh today. Thanks! We're both gonna have to be on the hunt for photos!