Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dirty Left Over Dishes

I don't hate many chores, really.
In fact, give me my iPod and I will do almost any chore you ask me to do.
I'll clean the bathrooms, vacuum, dust, heck laundry can even be enjoyable.
I will do the dishes, for the most part.
But there are some dishes that I just can't, and really won't do.
It's those dishes that have sat in the fridge with leftover dinners sitting in them, for who knows how long.
You know the ones I'm talking about. You have some roast from Sunday dinner left over, someone says "Hey, I'll eat that for my lunch tomorrow."
Tomorrow becomes the next day,or the next day. Maybe even the next week.
Well sooner or later someone has to clean out the fridge.
And then those dishes have to be washed...
I will clean out the fridge, but I draw my line at washing the dishes! I stack them up and say, "K mom, your turn to do dishes!"
Tonight, I had to, well I didn't have to; I chose to, wash the dirty left over dishes. Let me tell you... that was the LAST time I do that. And the dishes weren't even that bad, but I was so ill just washing them.
My mom told me I have to learn to get over it for when I have my own house, I simply said, in my house we won't have leftovers, which I know is probably a lie, but they won't sit forever!
Maybe I need help...
Or maybe this...

contributed to my problem with Dirty Left Over Dishes (although I know it didn't because this is a recent occurrence, I've had this problem for a while. Although this is all I could think of while washing dishes tonight.) [Just so you know, I did not in any way have ANYTHING to do with this nastiness. Yes that is my plate, but no, that is not my food.] Story of the picture; my neighbors, for some reason had my plate. It was time for cleaning checks, three of the guys made this concoction of sorts and stuck it in the microwave and BANG! this is what happens. The smell was AWFUL! They had their door open, we had our door open, bad choice on our part. We didn't know what the smell was from, just that something had exploded in their microwave. I didn't know it was on my plate until a few months ago when Tanner posted this picture on Facebook...oh it is disgusting!!
So here's to dirty left over dishes...

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