Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coming to a close pt. 2

As mentioned in my last post finals are upon us and I have doing some thinking about all the people who have touched my life, or helped me over the past year. I split it into two posts because there have been SO many and I didn't want the last post to go on and on and on. So here begins part 2.

Nicki. Well first let me tell you this, last year in March I took this challenge upon myself as well. Write down a list of people who had changed my life, and explain it. I found that list again today and Nikki was included in that list as well. Last year I said this: "I am so glad she FINALLY married my cousin!! It's been 6 years and countin' and now I can finally call her my cousin! She is one of the funniest people I know!! I'm so glad that I have gotten to know her better. She's been there cheering me on through the last months of my high school career and in helping me pick a college. Heck she even found me a roommate!!" Really that just about sums up this year too. But I will say she was so helpful in helping me find a place to live at school, and making sure I knew what to do in Ephraim. We could laugh about all the dumb things I did, because she did them while she was growing up too! Her faith in Christ amazes me and I love that she is so comfortable with her testimony that she can share it openly. I admire that strongly and wish that I had the strength to do the same.
The Guys of D2. Well let me tell ya, I really lucked out on neighbors down at Snow. The guys across the hall were the best neighbors you could ask for. They instantly became more like brothers then strangers to me. I always felt like I could count on them for anything. If you were around these guys you could alway count on laughing at one thing or another. Pranks with them were the best of the best. They started the prank war of the year, leaving a dead mouse on our doorstep while we were all gone home for the weekend, and the "fights" just continued from there. Really a lot of people say "oh, they're like my brothers." but really, these guys really were like my brothers. They taught me football, comforted me in the hard times, loved me for who I was, and worried for me when I left.
The Guys of D10 What can you say about these guys? They are absolutely hilarious. In need of a laugh? Just go to their apartment for .2 seconds and you'll be on your back dying of laughter. This was the apartment with whom most of our adventures happened with. Trips to the Sanpete Rodeo, late night movies, trips to Wal-mart (racing actually), star gazing, breakfast before football games. Think of an activity, I'm sure we did it. Karson was our 7th roommate, whatever we did, he normally tagged along. Tanner was my short story writing, piano playing buddy. Kyle was the one whom we could count on to make situations awkward, he never failed. Matt was our communications tutor, and was also very good at making me feel worse about failing a math test! Sadly, if there was conflict in our apartment, somehow these guys were one point some of my roommates and I were worried we'd have to choose between them and our other roommates, luckily after a midnight talk or two, that changed.
Breanne Noel What can I say, my best friend will always and forever be a large part of my life. This has been the hardest year for me though, because there have been SO many times when I wish we were only 10 minutes away from each other so that I could just hop in the car and drive over to her house so I could escape for a little bit, unfortunately we were about 3 hours from each other. Luckily, we were able to play phone tag quite often, and texting always helped make things a little better. There is something about having a best friend when just seeing their name pop up on your phone screen makes life seem a little bit easier. It makes dealing with things a little bit easier, and makes the pain disappear for just a time. I have come to appreciate the time I have with her so much, I mean I always have, but now that we don't have the opportunity to see each other whenever the few hours we can do something means so much. I have loved this girl since I was 9, and I am pretty sure I will love her until I'm 99!!

I know there are many many many more but for now I will bring this coming to a close post to a close!! (clever I know!) :D

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  1. Ok. Thanks for making me cry at work. haha That was so nice of you!