Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Year Ago

In the word of my best friends dad -referring back to high school graduation- "Who would've thought that one year later... YOU'D STILL BE HERE!!" What he was really meaning is that we still spend most of our time sitting on their living room couch; not really doing anything, but still having fun. It was one year ago that I graduated high school, I had things to look forward to. I had an awesome summer job lined up, stuff for college was in order, and plans with friends to hang out as much as we possibly could. It's a weird time for me right now. I don't have a summer job, or just a job for that matter, I'm not sure what school will be looking like in the fall, I still have plans to do lots with friends, but it just seems different. When my friends dad told us that he was surprised we were still there I took it a bit different then what he really meant by it. At times I still feel like I'm in high school. I feel stuck in the place I am at. Sure, I moved away, went to school, met some new people. But I came right back to where I year ago. I'm still hanging out with the same people from high school, doing the same things. It feels like nothing has changed. But at the same time, it feels like everything has changed...

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