Saturday, June 5, 2010

I've finally come to realize...

what it is I truly miss about Ephraim. Yes I know I have been home for almost 6 months, but it has become all to realistic what I missed the most. This is what it is... I miss that when I tell someone that I will be over to their house/apartment in a few minutes, that is what I really meant. I miss just being able to walk to Katie and Susan's when I needed a break from my own life. I miss being able to just walk in their apartment and go to their bedroom and just sit on their floor for the night, just because I could. Now I have to actually plan a time to see them, I have to drive the 10 minutes just to get to Katie's house so that we can hang out, and when I say I'll be there in a minute, I really mean 10 or 15 minutes. Although I miss that, I can tell that the idea behind it all is still the same. I can still count on them for a good laugh :) and I know that no matter what, they'll be there. Even if it is just for a quick run to Frogurt. I have said before, and I will continue to say it, I am so very grateful for these girls and the influence they have made in my life.

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