Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camera Strap Cover...

So I have a camera, you all know that. It's a nice camera...a Canon Rebel to be exact. Again, you all knew that. It has a really ugly black strap that says CANON EOS DIGITAL on it. BORING. I had seen all these cute places to buy a new strap...but they cost a fortune. I don't have a fortune to spend on something that I could very easily make myself. So I found a tutorial here that I thought would be simple enough for me, an amateur on the sewing machine to make. Here is my "step-by-step" adventure of making me a sweet camera strap cover!

First; I went to the store and bought my fabric and interfacing. (3/4 of yard each, in case you wondering.)

I brought my fabric home...

And cut it to size... pictures of me cutting the fabric and interfacing are not allowed... I would probably be criticized on my cutting techniques... :)

After cutting the fabric I ironed the interfacing to the fabric...

My seams are folded...time to start stitching!

Seams stitched...fold in half, right sides together, and stitch some more!

Turn inside out...

And... TA-DA my very own, camera strap cover!! I'm so excited!! And it really does make a huge difference!

Please note my MacBook in most of the pictures, no one was home at the time so I had to keep myself entertained with my music, I was going to give a list of what was playing during this "adventure" but I didn't keep track...basically it was all country music.

Also, this project has really got me in the mood to go out and "shoot". I can't wait until Saturday so that I can!!


  1. Jana! This is beautiful!!! You'll need to teach me to make one...or I can pay you to make one for me. However, Doug wont want to use the camera if I have a girly strap cover on it =)