Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Break...

I used to look forward to Spring Break, almost as much as I looked forward to summer vacation. Spring Break was always a time to get away from school, drop everything for a week, and just have fun. My family would be crazy and drive the 4 hours to St. George almost every year. Yes, St. George was crazy busy, and it was particularly stupid of us to go down for Spring Break. But at least we were getting away, dropping everything, having some fun.

This year...well this year, to be honest, I could careless if Spring Break showed up. If I'm going to do homework, I'd rather do it while school was "in process" not when I'm supposed to be "taking a break". It won't be much of a break. I will spend the days, home by myself. While my family is at work, and my friends are all in school, because yes, everyone else's spring break are during different weeks, I will sit home, and watch re-runs of shows I've seen 20 billion times. I will not take a break that is expected during spring break. I will work on countless hours of homework that isn't due for another month or so. I will write papers, that don't need to be written quite yet. I will read text books, that normally I would not read until the last moment possible.

Why? Simply because I have nothing better to do with my time. This is what happens when Spring Break for SLCC is different than any other colleges in Utah, and when Elementary schools have different spring breaks as the colleges.

For the first time in many years, I wish I could drop everything to spend time in the hustle and bustle of St. George. I'd trade my homework to be stuck in traffic for an hour. At least then I wouldn't have school weighing down on me.

I did remember one good thing about this break...just one. Pictures with Kaytlin. Twice. It will be awesome. Because there is nothing that I love more than to spend some good quality time with my best friend. AND... when my spring break overlaps with the University of Utah's spring break (aka Saturday) I can finally watch Life As We Know It again, and laugh, hysterically. Maybe I'll sew a quilt...or bake some cookies...

I guess there are some good points. I'd still trade them to be in St. George, back when life wasn't so complicated.

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