Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am a clutz...

Now this is not a new subject. You all remember the incident of 2009, first day in Ephraim, cut up, bloody, and bruised.... if not, go back to August of 2009, read about it.

Of all the times I've fallen, I've never broken anything, which is amazing. I did fracture my toe back in 2nd grade...I got to wear one of the walking shoes, not the boot, just the shoe. I've come close to having stitches in 3rd grade, but because the injury was on my knee (the left knee that is) the Dr. went against it, because my knee was too mobile. Sophomore year of high school I had to wear a walking boot, I believe it was due to spraining my ankle one too many times. So nothing to major, but the incidents themselves are usually major.

Last Friday, I was in a hurry, I had a project due, and I was just running around all crazy like. I was running up the front porch stairs at my house, and somehow...I missed the very last stepped. I tripped. My hands hit the top of the porch, my knees, the last step of the top portion. It was all quite funny, but pretty scary. Later that day I noticed my right wrist was sore. I wrapped it with an ace bandage, did some ice treatments, and watched it. Both my mom and I decided a Dr. wasn't necessary, as it was most likely a sprain.

Today, I woke up, and my wrist was killing me. It hasn't bothered me for much of the week, but it was sore. And my hand was going numb...the pain was spreading. So... my mom took me to insta-care, where I had some x-rays and was told I have a hairline fracture. So my right arm is in a brace, nice and tight (not too tight though :D) There it will remain for my wrist needs to heal. It's a good thing I don't have to do much writing for my classes, just typing (which can in reality be done with one hand) professors wouldn't have a clue what I was writing, because I'm not so great at writing with me left hand yet...

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