Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finally Finals!

There is a country song, titled "Finally Friday" that goes something like this;

"Cause it's finally Friday, I'm free again
I got my motor running for a wild weekend
It's finally Friday, I'm outta control
forget the workin' blues and let the good times roll."

I however will change the lyrics to fit what I feel.

"Cause it's finally finals, I'm free again.
I got my motor running for a wild summer
It's finally finals, I'm outta control
Forget the homework blues and let the good times roll."

Yes, finals week, for me, is this coming week. I am beyond ecstatic. I don't necessarily have and final finals, just final projects, and final papers, and one test. So I am lucky, but I just want to be done with school for now. I registered for classes at UVU yesterday. I am taking 15 credit hours, which shouldn't be too bad. I am however taking a math class, so that....that could be interesting :) I am just excited to be at a University, and being able to get closer to getting into the teaching program!!

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