Monday, April 11, 2011

Stepping out of that thing known as a comfort zone

Have you ever heard of a flash mob?
No? Don't feel bad, I wasn't quite sure what it was...
I did however, participate in one.
So now...before you read on, go to youtube and look up a flash mob.
No I'm not joking, go. Now.

Did you check it out? Do not go on reading without looking it up.
You will never understand otherwise.

My ward is pretty creative, sometimes.
Especially when it comes to doing ward FHE (Family Home Evening)'s.
This week, they wanted to do a flash mob.
I thought, hm...this could be interesting to watch.

Yes, watch, that is all I wanted to do. Just watch, not participate. HA
Didn't happen, watching was not given as an option.
So I ventured to the mall, with my iPod, and Whitney.
We pretended like we didn't know anyone at the mall, besides each other, we did a little shopping...
We had to be on the wooden floor, by the fountain, at 8:15, so 8:10 rolls around.. we wander around looking at the art work that was set up.
Then...8:15 FREEZE......................for two minutes.
Then....Dance Dance Dance, for 20 seconds,
Then....walk off like nothing happened.

It is seriously something I never in a million years would have thought of participating in.
But for some reason, tonight, it was a blast!
It was filmed...therefore, it will be on youtube. No worries, once it is posted, I shall share with you all.

Also, when Whitney and I walked off, casually, a guy that was working at one of the kiosk's came up to us and said "What the heck was that!?!?!?!" After a few times of telling him what it was, and telling him to, of course, look it up on youtube, we started to walk away and he said "Whatever it was, that was some freaky stuff!" Yes, because freezing is freaky... :)

If you have the chance to participate in a flash mob, or really..anything that you normally wouldn't do (that is of course, good) try it. You might really enjoy it!

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