Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Kristen Kirton! 25 years ago, my family was blessed with it's greatest blessing. My dear sweet cousin Kristen wasbrought into this world. She brought so much joy during her lifetime to all who came into contact with her. Her birthday was her favorite holiday, much like it is for everyone else. Her birthday parties were by far the best birthday parties! Today, was no exception! My aunt called me around 10:30 this morning, telling me that she was on her way to Primary Children's Hospital to drop off some bears to the cancer unit, following she was going to meet her oldest daughter Katy, and my Grandma at the Salt Lake City Cemetery to see the Angel statue up there, after which they would head down to the City to grab so lunch, and was wondering if I wanted to go. I said I would, so, I hurried and got ready for the day and went to my Grandma's. After a few minutes at the cemetery we drove back into the city and had lunch at the Pantry, like we had done for one of Kristen's previous birthdays, and walked around Temple Square. After we had eaten, we drove back to Sandy and went to the cemetery where we decorated Kristen's grave with 25 wind wheels, and some other decorations. This evening the family gathered at the cemetery at dusk to do a balloon release and send off a lantern. It was a great way to commemorate such a special day.

Yes, the balloons formed into the shape of a heart, and of course, we had nothing to do with it!

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