Monday, May 2, 2011

Music Obsession...

So, I have a friend
her name is Whitney Fehr.
She is kind of in love with Josh Groban.
Awhile back, that is all we would listen to in the car,
and let me tell you.
I loved it!
Because I too, love Josh,
but I had forgotten just how much I loved him.
So for the past month, that is all I have listened to.
His music makes a bad day good,
and is seriously the best to blast to!
Well.. Whitney left for Thailand yesterday,
and the only thing that would play on my iPod was Josh.
It didn't make me happy, it made me sad.
To the point where I wanted to cry.
So for now, I'm breaking up with Josh.
But, will leave you with my favorite of his songs...

It's quite sappy...
But.. Whitney and I would blast this song every Sunday,
and it kind of just stuck...

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