Friday, May 13, 2011

I can do this..

I have this problem...
I'm terribly shy. Like seriously, it is a problem.
When I have to meet new people..
it is a challenge.
By some strange miracle, when I moved to Ephraim for school,
it wasn't such a big problem.
People didn't scare me, I could be myself.
Friends came instantly, and I was comfortable in those friendships.
But at the singles ward,
well that was a completely different story.
It took me quite some time
to feel comfortable with the people I was meeting.
It took quite awhile for me to feel part of "the group"
In fact, it took until the very end for me to feel
like I could be myself.
Which is sad. Right when I felt like I had friends, we went our own way.
It scared me, having to go to a new ward,
not knowing many people.
But tonight, I realized, that I can do this.
I can be myself instantly when meeting people, no more shyness!
I went to dinner and bowling with my friend Mandy and her friends.
I knew only Mandy, and I kinda knew her boyfriend Kasey.
I was scared to go at first. Because I knew what kind of situation I was getting myself into.
It took me awhile, but I was able to feel comfortable in the situation.
Which is good!!
I drove home happier, than happy
because I proved to myself that I really can do this!
This ward change is going to be AWESOME!

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