Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm ready...

I am ready to be a teacher.
Can I just skip the schooling and go straight to being a teacher.
Okay, thank you!!!
Not that I don't love school, because I do. It's great.
I just want to be teaching.
I went on a field trip with the second graders today.
I haven't spent time volunteering at the school since the semester ended.
And I realized today, how much I miss it.
Literally miss it.
It was so much fun to be on the field trip today.
Yes, it was raining,
Yes, we walked.
To the fire station, with 125+ second graders.
But that didn't seem to phase me.
It was just so much fun!
It may seem absurd, but it is times like these
the hectic activities, the walking in the rain,
that makes me WANT to be a teacher.
Along with, of course,
the teaching part of it.
I'm starting to get impatient..I just want to be done already!!

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