Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thank You...

To the little second grade boy
wearing a garbage bag,
twice his size, for a pancho.
Thank you for tripping all the way up the street,
then turning around, giving me a cute smile, then laughing.
Thank you for holding your garbage bag pancho like a princess ball gown
and skipping up the street while singing "I'm a princess, I'm a princess!"
Truly put a smile on my face.

To the little second grade girl,
whom I love so dearly.
Thank you for being so strong.
Thank you for being so full of gratitude,
that you could walk up to the firemen, and thank them.
Thank them for helping your sister in that tragic accident
not so long ago.
Thank you for making me cry while standing in the fire station.
For reminding me that even in the midst of terrible times,
we need to find time to smile, and show our gratitude to those around us.

And finally,
to the little second grade boy,
who not to long ago (or so it seems..)
was a young kindergartener, wanting to know how to read so badly.
You don't know this, but you're the reason I want to be a teacher.
You gave me that final push to make the decision to teach.
Thank you for having that sparkle in your eye,
two years ago after I worked so hard with you on your alphabet.
Thank you for carrying that sparkle in you eye, today,
as we learned about the fire trucks/engine.
That little sparkle is enough to confirm to me
that I do want to be a teacher.

On a different note, but still a Thank You.
Thank you technology,
for allowing me the chance
to talk to my best friend in Thailand, for 46 minutes,
and not charging me a cent.
Yes, thank you skype, for existing in this world.
I told my mom after I had finished my conversation,
that it blows my mind.
That I was able to have that conversation (even if it was 6:30 a.m. here and I had just rolled out of bed.)
She agreed, and said, when I was growing up, I would have to write a letter,
and that would take months.
So thank you technology, for keeping me sane
by allowing me to easily stay in touch with my best friend,
while she is in a foreign country, with a 13 hour time difference.
You're amazing.

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