Friday, June 3, 2011

High Maintenance?!?!?!?

High maintenance
say whaaaat?!!?!?!?!
You're probably thinkin'
"Jana? High maintenance? Nah.."
Well, folks, it's true.
I am high maintenance.
Only when it comes to certain things.
(Aren't we all, though?
Please, just say yes to the above question,
it will make me feel better.)

For instance, socks.
They have to be a certain style,
certain brand,
yada yada.
Today, I bought a pack of 3 pairs of socks.
9 dollars.
That's 9 dollars for 6 socks people.
You see, here is where my high maintenance sock problem started.
Last summer, I bought a sweet pair of yellow shoes.
They are LEVI brand, look like VANS...
I found socks that don't show when wearing these shoes.
Which is perfect!
So today, I went on a hunt for some more socks like such.
I found them, at DSW. Converse Brand.

Also, my jackets.
I really prefer buying Quicksilver Jackets
as opposed to a jacket from Target.
It's not because of the brand.
I just find them more comfortable.

Also shoes...
When I find a pair of shoes,
and they are on the more expensive side...
and someone else sees almost the exact same shoe
but different brand.
I but the more expensive brand...

Please, tell me I'm not alone in this.
If I find I am alone in this,
I will go change my ways,

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