Monday, June 6, 2011

In your honor...

Let me introduce you to someone.
This is Emily Ostler.
I have known this girl since Halloween of 2004.
I wasn't sure what to think of her
when I first met her.
Honestly I was jealous,
she was taking over my best friend.
(Remember I was in 7th grade then,
so I was still allowed to be juvenile!)
After some trick-or-treating,
a car accident,
and some more trick-or-treating
this time in snow.
I decided we could be friends.
She was being nicer to me than my best friend was.
Today is her birthday.
She is no longer a teenager.
She also told me she enjoy's reading my blog.
So I decided I'd give her a special tribute on her day.
Happy Birthday Emily!!
and, in your honor,
the story you wrote in the back of my ninth grade yearbook..
Hi Jana-
So pretty much right now we
are at Breanne's house...on
her bed looking at our yearbooks...
yes and Breanne says the only reason
to look at yearbooks is to find
hot guys which there aren't any
at our school...just so you know!!
anyways this summer is pretty
much going to be supa fun!!
oh and I'm excited for hike
school but I wish you were coming
to Alta though oh wait I might
get killed for saying that but oh
well!! So pretty much you'll have
to hang out with us so you don't get taken over by
Jordinians!! Well now you're staying with Breanne forever
because no one can decide when you are going home...
ok so I've decided this message is supper way long &
random but oh well its like me well I'm not long but
I am random!! So we pretty much we just wrote a
story about me and it goes like this: Once Upon a time
there was a girl named Emily (that' me) and she was
weird The End!! Wow we are fabulous story writers!!
ok well HAGS you're so cute call me...and
stuff like that, that I'm supposed to write in yearbooks
but instead I write novels!! I <3 U (but only as a friend)
<3 Emily Ostler

Uh.. we were dorks..
and I miss you!
Happy Birthday!!!

p.s. I stole the above picture from facebook, because I don't have any of you.

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  1. Ok this is completely fantastic :) thank you so much!! I can't believe I was so strange!