Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The best way to spend a summer day?

In my opinion of course.
and obviously, it could change.
But for now, this is the best.
Waking up at a decent hour (aka 7:00 a.m.)
Talking to my bestest friend for 38 minutes,
thank you to SKYPE once again,
you are saving my life.
Then doing nothing.
Enjoying some great music.
Getting a text from one of my favorite people
saying, can you come see me today?
Um, hello, of course!!
Spending 5 hours with said friend
who is recovering from surgery.
Just talkin,
more talkin,
then watching a movie
that makes us laugh a little harder.
Because we all know it was our favorite movie
when we were young'un's.
watching movies like that,
takes you back to a simpler time,
when all you had to worry about was
what color you were going to use
to color your homework.
it was a great way to spend my day.
Now to end it with a
Jamba Juice.
And something else that I am sure will be amazingly fun!

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