Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"There's a smile on their faces, cause they're in a better place."

Today marks one year. 
One year since my cousin Kristen lost her battle to leukemia.  
I was reading a post that my aunt had posted on her blog; She Is Our Angel.  And this song came on my iTunes.  It seemed fitting.. Mostly the chorus.  

"An' all the angels up in Heaven
They're not grieving because they're gone
There's a smile on their faces
'Cause they're in a better place than they've ever known
God only cries for the living
'Cause it's the living that are so far from home."

It is hard going on with life when a loved one dies.  I can't even imagine the pain that is felt when one loses a child.  But I am grateful to know that I have been blessed with the knowledge of eternal families.  That I know, with a surety that Kristen, is in a better place, and is free from the pain of cancer.  

Just as I did 6 months ago, I'm not going to let this be a day of complete sadness.  Yes, I may miss my cousin a bit more today.  But she's in a better place, free from all the pain.  So as my aunt has said, I will enjoy the simple things and enjoy a laugh with a good friend today.

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