Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ain't that a shame...

During my high school years, I became friends with an amazing young lady, K.  (K is what I called her)  Anyways....she was big on the oldies music.  I soon found myself listening to oldies more, and slowly starting to enjoy them.  One of our favorite songs was "Ain't That A Shame".  Now, it's a love song, but only part of the song comes into meaning.  And that would be...

"Ain't that a shame
My tears fell like rain
Ain't that a shame
You're the one to blame"

But I digress, here is the actual story you are all here to read.

It all started this day.  It was during the fabulous part of the day, not the bawling my eyes out part.  I was at church, on my way to Sunday School when I ran into Keith.  So we started talking, and... I ended up just missing Sunday School that day, because I chose to talk instead.  (Don't judge...)  During our conversation competitiveness while playing games somehow came into play.  Especially when it comes to video games, most importantly Mario Kart.  I had played Mario Kart with Keith about a month prior to this conversation, so I knew he was super competitive, over the top really.  I on the other hand, don't really care, especially if it's on the Wii, my opinion was give me a Nintendo 64 and I can show anyone up.

A few months went on, I lived life normally, yada yada yada.  I found out that my dear friend Whitney was the owner of Mario Kart on the 64.  So... I got pretty excited, and through all of my humility out the window.  Let's be honest, I'm humble about some things, and when I want to.  I am not humble when I think I have the chance to beat someone at something.  So, what did I do you ask?  Oh, I'm sure you can guess... I texted Keith and said, something like,  Hey! I found Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64, get ready for me to show you up.  Smack talking went down.  Looking back, I'm sure I set myself up for what happened last night.. (Stupid, stupid, stupid)

*Random fact I just learned on the news... Playing video games all night
can kill you.  By causing a blood clot... research it
if you wish.*

We were to meet at 8:00 in the p.m. in at Whitney's house for this showdown.  Ten minutes before I was going to leave for Whitney's I get a phone call from her, "Jana, our Nintendo doesn't work, bring yours!" A second after I hung up the phone,  she texted me "bring Mario Kart too!" I called her back and said "Hold up, I don't own Mario Kart! What happened to yours?"  I found our Nintendo 64, and headed over, hoping for the best.  Luckily, Whitney found the game.  BUT... we couldn't get my Nintendo working.  I was losing hope that this showdown was going to happen.  Keith got there, and he got the game working.  The showdown was on.  

So there we sat, the three of us, racing to our hearts content.  I saw in the little corner of my box the number two.  Oh that just wasn't going to work for me... no, I wanted to see the number one.  I pushed on, fighting. (Okay, I'm not a video game freak, I was most likely fighting laughter more than anything, seriously...if I could express how funny that moment was...)  All of my pushing got me simply got me to be able to see the number three in the little corner of my box.  Over, and over, and over.  I was devastated.  Hurt really.  Where was my Nintendo 64 skills.  I am good at that game!  Really I am.  Why was I pulling up in third, every. single. time.  After playing the 64 for a good while, we switched to the Wii.  Whaaaat I already know I'm terrible at the Wii, but whatevs!  So we raced...I foolishly chose to race in manual mode, instead of automatic.  Uh...yeah, I did not know how to use the remotes properly.  There was one good thing though, Keith didn't know how to use the Wii remote either.  I wasn't feeling so devastated anymore.  I saw the number three in my box one more time, but this time I was happy because the other two had numbers like twelve and nine. (I'm a terrible person to find their loss so exciting..)

So in reality I lost, terribly, over and over again.  I still say I am good at Mario Kart on the 64.  In fact, I'm sure if we had another showdown I would win.  I blame my losses on the angle at which I was sitting, the fact that I wasn't wearing my glasses so things were a bit blurry, and my eye was a bit swollen for reasons I don't know. 

After we had our fill of Mario Kart, we played Tetris on the 64... uh yeah, that was an even worse experience then Mario Kart.  I lost within 3 minutes of playing.  Keith was shocked, apparently, you don't lose at that game... uh miracles do happen! :) 

*This was a really shameful post to write, and I am shocked that I did so.  I had planned to write about it, but only if I had won.  On the other hand, we played a card game after we had our fill of video games and I rocked it.  Seriously, I was raised right if I can play a good hand of cards.*

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  1. haha loved this! I challenge you to mario kart!

    "I blame my losses on the angle at which I was sitting, the fact that I wasn't wearing my glasses so things were a bit blurry, and my eye was a bit swollen for reasons I don't know."