Sunday, August 28, 2011

The best

I found the best way to end summer.  Seriously THE BEST!  It's almost like a recipe... so maybe... that is how I will write it.

2 best friends
1 last day of summer
2 Jamba Juices
2 swings
1 Jeep
1 CD with random songs
1 front porch
1 laptop
1 summer storm rolling in

I was going to get more creative and come up with directions, but I'll be honest.  You can do with what you want with these ingredients.  Mix and match as you will.  No matter what, I'm sure you will enjoy spending your last night of summer this way.

Here, is how I "combined" these ingredients...
First, I drive a jeep (you can be jealous. it's awesome) That is how the jeep came into play, because I was driving.  2 best friends? Well myself, and Whitney Pingree of course!!  We got in the jeep and drove to Jamba Juice, where we purchased that little piece of heaven. (Whitney got a free size upgrade!)  We walked out of Jamba Juice with our smoothies in hand, and looked at each other and asked, "Now what?" We both thought that going to Draper park to swing on their swings would be awesome.  So we did.  Basically, we sat on the sings while we drank our smoothies, then once we were finished drinking them, we swung, for reals.  I seriously felt like I was a little kid again.  For those.. 5 minutes.  Just hanging out at the park with my best friend, swinging on the swings, trying not to have a care in the world.  Now, I didn't add this next activity to our list of ingredients, it is optional, or you can add in something else, that is more you "taste".  I got a text from Kaytlin inviting us to go play games at her house with her, and her cousin and whoever else decided to show up.  So we decided, after our original plan of cutting and pasting fell through, that we would stop in for a bit.  We got back in the jeep, and both contemplated calling people, who we were supposed to hang out with that night telling them that plans had changed.  Neither of us wanted to call the person we were supposed to, so luckily I had my CD with random songs in the CD player, and I knew Whitney liked that music (because she gave me the CD)... I found a song that we could blast, and sing along to.  Song of the night...  "2012 (It ain't the end) by Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj, so blast and sing along we did.  After one time through the song, we made our phone calls. By this time we were just pulling up to Kaytlin's house.  I'm not sure why, but neither of us were quite ready to go in, so we went back to our CD and listened to 2012, for a second.  We only stayed at Kaytlin's house for a little bit, we played one game of "Likewise" and called it a night.  Also, another optional ingredient, kinda... neither of us wanted to go home.  So we drove..... up the street, all the way up the street, in my jeep, window's down, music was not blaring at this time because we took this time to talk.  About life, and how we both feel the exact same way about it right now.  After we drove all the way up the street, we of course had to drive all the way back down the street.  By the end of the street we decided to go to Whitney's house and sit in her backyard, but when we got to her house, the front porch looked more inviting.  We sat there, listening to awesome music on Whitney's laptop and enjoying the last piece of freedom.  We picked a perfect night to sit outside because a summer storm was rolling in, so we tried to find cloud shapes and watched as the lightning danced across the sky.  It was the perfect way to end the perfect summer.

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