Tuesday, August 30, 2011


School is really cool
I sometimes say it isn't
But it really is cool

Please, judge me on my ability to write a haiku.
Feel free to judge harshly, I know that is terrible.

School started yesterday.  I stressed out a little bit.  Gave myself a bit of an anxiety attack for nothing.
The campus is a lot bigger than what I am used to.  But oh well.
I rode on the bus for the first time ever today.  What an experience.  I also broke the rule I was taught growing up and I stood for a good portion of the bus ride home today.  Because, apparently folks, when on a public transportation bus, rules and safety go right out the window.  I had visions of a broken nose, courtesy of the pole in front me the whole time I was standing.

I saw two people I knew on campus yesterday, and two more today.

English will be a good class, my professor is from Australia and has a thick accent, sometimes I don't understand him.
Math will, I'm hoping, be good.  We work in groups, I am not sure how I feel about my group right now...all I know is they're super smart, I am not.
Institute will be my saving grace.  I am taking two classes, Church History (up until the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith) and New Testament (Matthew, Mark, and Luke).  I also signed up for an institute committee...the dance/events committee.
Ethics and Values, I'll let you know how I feel about that one later.  The teacher kinda bugged me...
Geology..well I don't know how that one is, the professor never showed up today, so the class bailed.
finally, Computer Tech. for Elem. Ed. will be good.  Easy. and Simple.  Let's just hope I can make it to class on time...

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