Sunday, August 14, 2011


Okay, okay, now that I am home safely I can disclose my whereabouts for the weekend, except that anyone who reads this, will probably already now where I was, and what I was doing.
Over the weekend I spent my time in Paris.................  Paris, Idaho that is.  Why would I spend my weekend in a little po-dunk town in Idaho you ask? Well that is's where all the cool people go for the weekend, duh!!
Getting serious now... My ward, the Mt. Jordan YSA ward planned a trip up to Idaho to go to Bear Lake.  They rented out the rodeo* grounds in Idaho for us to set up camp and have our party.   There were a few people who left Thursday evening to go up, I chose not to do that.  I went up at 7 o'clock with my friends Ian and Megan, and Ian's friend Jon.  We got up to Paris at about.... 10:30, I don't actually know.  I vowed to not pay attention to the time this weekend.  Since Kaytlin and Alli had gone up Thursday evening, with my belongings, and a tent I just had to throw a few things in the tent and wait while Ian and Jon set up their tent.  Once everyone was ready we headed down to the North Shore of Bear Lake to meet  the rest of our ward, who was down there waiting for the boats to come in.  If you know me, then you also know I am not a water person.  Water sports are not my thing.  So I simply brought my camping chair and sat on the beach, soaking up some good ol' fashion vitamin D. It was heaven. Read a bit of a book, chatted with some people.   Played some games.  It was good.  I went to eat some lunch, only to find out we had forgotten the bread for the sandwiches.  You an't really have a sandwich without the bread, so I went back to my chair.  Where I played a few rounds of UNO with Chuck, Al, and Camille.   After a few rounds of UNO, okay like...6 rounds, the bread arrived so Chuck and I went and grabbed ourselves some lunch.  After lunch I walked around with Kaytlin and talked about a few things.  Then I played, er.. watched Chuck, Miriam, Taylor, and Camille play Egyptian Rat Screw.  Then I went and sat in the shade to read my book.  It was a very relaxing day at the beach, even though I don't do water sports I was able to enjoy my time at the lake.  I'll be honest, there was a few times when I wished I hadn't of gone up.  I wanted nothing more than to find someone who was going home that night and just go home.  But... I stuck it out.

After everyone had their fill of the lake we packed up and went back to Paris to get ready, and chill before dinner.  Chuck, Al, and I went and played Apples to Apples and were later joined by Taylor and Eric.  After Apples to Apples we waited for the dinner line to die down, because everyone wanted their catered food right away.  So.... we got our dinner.  It was pretty good...nothing amazing.  I ate with a group of people from my ward (p.s. there was another ward up there with us..)  It was a lovely time.  After dinner they had a "barn dance".  I went over and watched for a little bit, but it wasn't that great.  The music was terrible, the dancing was worse.  So Al and I decided to head into Garden City to get a shake.  That may have been the best thing all day, the scenery was stunning.  A full moon reflecting off the glass lake, oh. my. goodness, beautiful!  By the time we made it back from getting shakes the dance was winding down, and they had a fire going, all ready for our small fireside.  Right before the fireside started myself and the Relief Society president Charlotte got a massaging circle going on and gave each other some lovely back massages.  *lovely*  The fireside was very nice.  The bishop from the other ward shared some amazing stories, and it was times like those when I realize just how amazing my bishop is.  After the fireside I went to find Kaytlin and Alli.  I was trying to figure out how I was going to sleep that night.  I was supposed to share an air mattress with Alli, but my knee was hurting so bad I didn't want to.  So I was going to sleep in a camp chair, in our tent, with my leg propped up on the mattress, but there was not enough room.  So I tried to think of something to do.  This amazing lady in my Relief Society presidency, Shaun, said "Jana, I want you to sleep in my car tonight.  You'll be comfy and warm." I told her thank you, and that I would think about it then come find her.   While I thought about it, I had a lovely little cuddle session with Ian, Megan, Keeley, Gordon, and Sam.  First, it was FREEZING, standing by the fire didn't do much help, I was in a jacket and had a blanket wrapped around me, and was still cold. So we all just huddled together really closely and rotated giving people each a chance to be by the fire to get some extra warmth.  It was actually quite a bit of fun to do that.  Who'd a thought!  I finally decided sleeping Shaun's car would be my best bet so I went to find her, ran into Chuck on my way, and he offered his car, but I said no and went on my way.  I found Shaun and she gave me her keys and I went to bed.

We were supposed to be up at 7:00 in the a.m. on Saturday in order to get breakfast and make it down to the beach before they closed the parking because of too many cars, (yes, they will close parking).  I woke up at 6:30 and went outside, hoping my original tent mates would be up so I could change, but they weren't, so I sat under the pavilion and ended up talking to Megan when she came out.  They started to cook breakfast so Megan, Ian, Taylor, and I went and got in line, but we soon realized we were all freezing.  Luckily I had my blanket so Megan and I wrapped ourselves up in it and stood there talking. We got our food, we ate.  I found Kaytlin, Alli, and Evelynn and talked to them.  After breakfast we packed up our stuff, and took the tent down, and got Kaytlin's car ready to head out for the lake, and eventually home.  Kaytlin's car was packed to the brim, and both Evelynn and myself were planning on going home with them.  So some rearranging was bags were sent home with Chase, a guy they had met that weekend.  They were anxious to get down to the beach, me...not so much.  So I hung back at camp with Al, and said I'd go to the beach with her.  I ended up talking to Chuck for awhile, and helping Al get her stuff packed up.  We were on our way to the beach, with two other people in the car, we were on the outskirts of Paris, almost to St. Charles when we ran over something, and ended up getting a flat tire.   Not long after we pulled off the side of the road the Sheriff pulled over and stopped to help us.  We knew we wouldn't be able to go to the lake because we needed to get the tire taken care of.  Al and I quickly dropped off the other two people in the car off at the beach, so they could enjoy their day.  We drove off hoping we could find a place to get the tire fixed.  It ended up that we had to drive into Laketown, Utah in order to find a place to get it fixed.  We hung out in the po-dunk town for about an hour.  We both decided we looked like characters off the old T.V shows or movies, where you see two guys standing in front of a gas station in a small town, drinking a drink.  (except of course it would be two ladies in our situation)  Finally, we were on our way home.  We stopped in Logan at the Bluebird for lunch, (mmmm!)   We pulled into Sandy close to 4:30 I believe.  It was a fabulous trip.  I am grateful I went.  It took a long time for me to make the decision to go.  I didn't want to go.  I was being negative about it.  But I really am glad I went.   I met some amazing people, and became closer friends with some even more amazing people.

Our ward was definitely blessed, and being watched over on this trip.  Not only were we blessed to have the Sheriff come and help us when we got our flat tire.  But we were blessed that the flat tire didn't cause any other problems, or that us hitting whatever the object was in the car didn't do any further damage.  But, the biggest experience that showed that we were truly being watched over happened on the way home on Saturday.  A car, carrying 4 passengers, from my ward, was traveling through one of the small towns, right by the border of Idaho and Utah.  Somehow the driver drifted into a different lane of traffic, and when he went to correct his mistake he over corrected and the car ended up flipping, landing with the roof to the ground.  It was miraculous that the only serious injury that occurred was by one of the passengers who received some cuts and gashes to her arm.  Extra precautions were taken for one passenger, who in the past, had back problems.  So much could've gone wrong in that accident.  Lives could've been lost.  As my stake president said today in sacrament meeting, we had angels watching over us this whole trip.  I am grateful that we were safe and that we were able to enjoy the company of one other.

P.s. I'm not a very good photographer because I only got like...5 pictures the whole weekend, and they were all just of the scenery...I know, lame!
P.S.S doesn't that look like the funnest place to camp at!! :)

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