Monday, September 5, 2011


I just have to complain about college for a minute...

First, college is freakin' expensive!  We all know that... I feel that it is only right that since I am paying an arm and a leg, and possibly the other arm and leg to attend college that I should be receiving top quality education.  Right?..

Apparently my math professor thinks otherwise and I am bugged!  Her philosophy is something like this... you learn better from your peers, therefore, I will split you into groups and let you have at the math book. I will not teach you, in fact, rarely will I stand in front of the class and explain to you how you are supposed to be doing the work.  You are in college now, and you say you don't want to be treated like middle school students, so I will not treat you like one.  Have fun!

Seriously?!?!? Yes, I do not want to be treated like a middle school student.  BUT...I would like to be taught by the PROFESSOR not the STUDENT!!!!!

Seriously, math is a 4 credit class... if that was the only class a person was taking at UVU they would be paying $941.00 (tuition+fees) plus $80.00 for the access code for MathLab, and if they wanted, an additional bajillion dollars for the book.  I don't want to pay that just to teach myself the math.  If I wanted that I would skip paying tuition and just buy the book and read it for fun!!

It doesn't help that I am not the best at math.  Which is evident seeing as I am still in Math 1010. Given this is my 2nd time taking Math 1010, my first was 2 years ago during my first semester at Snow.  But I don't remember all the little details of it.

I just want to get what I am paying for.  And having the other clueless students teach me is not what I am paying for.

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