Friday, September 30, 2011

Those Days...

when you wake up 5:00 or 5:30 a.m you know that it is just going to be one of THOSE days. The kind of day where you would rather just slide down further under your blankets and hide. When you finally roll out of bed and look at your hair and say... yup it has another day left in it. (let us remember, I am embracing messy hair.) You eat your breakfast on the ride to the bus stop, and while waiting at the bus stop you just want to turn around and get back in the car and go home. The kind of day when you fully believe that crying is better medicine than laughter. The kind of day when you wake up not wanting to go to your classes, at all. The kind of day when you just miss a few people so much that it hurts, making you want to cry even more. (and then you see someone who looks like the person you miss so you miss them more....)
Yeah it is one of THOSE days today...
It is only 11:33 a.m. and I'm ready for the day to be over.

↑that... was yesterday.

Today, followed suit with another of THOSE days.
I slept in, missing my first class. Therefore I rode the bus by myself, which was okay. I got caught up -almost- on my Book of Mormon reading. I went to my math class, we were getting our tests back today. I was pretty excited, because I worked really hard and was pretty sure that I would do well. Um..not so much. Well..I did, but I didn't. There was one page on the test where we were supposed to show our work on a separate piece of paper, which I did. But apparently we were also supposed to include our final answer on the separate piece of paper, and not on the actual test, which is what I did... so she marked the ENTIRE problem wrong. So so so frustrated. Then I went to institute. Not to attend a class, because I don't have an institute class on Fridays (my only day without one), but just to study. It is wonderful place to study. When I got there, I put my backpack on the ground next to me, and started talking to Alicia. I turned to get something out of my backpack and noticed that it was wet. water bottle spilled all over the place. Luckily my backpack is sturdy enough and it didn't leak through to my school work, and laptop. Just all over the floor. So I went to get some paper towels from the bathroom, and on my way out I walked smack into the stall door. Yes, it was one of those days. Then, at noon, I went to the devotional where we heard from Dallyn Bayles and his wife. So good. He, along with the institute choir sang this song....↓

The devotional changed my day from one of THOSE days, to one of those days. Where everything is frustrating, and stressful, until you remember what really matters in life, and you decide to be happy. I am still frustrated, and confused, and wishing for a lot. And yes, I would like the day to just end...but there is so much more to life than math tests, and spilt water. So.. let's be happy!

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