Monday, October 17, 2011

LDS Dances

Back in the day, when I was 14 the big thing to do on a Friday night was to attend a stake dance.
It was not my thing.  I had to be dragged to the dances, and then I still didn't enjoy them much.  As I got older and attended Institute they seemed a bit more appealing, maybe because it was a way to make friends.
Recently I have attended 2 YSA Stake/ Ward dances in the past month.  I will be honest when I say they were not the coolest parties.  The music was from the 90's, even though I grew up in the 90's it isn't the greatest dancing music.
At both dances balloon volleyball seemed to be a bigger hit than dancing.  You can't show up to these activities alone, yet going with a group doesn't work very well either.  It is super hard to meet new people at these dances, it is instant cliques.
The dances may be a bit better around Halloween, because you see what kind of random costumes people can come up with.
Basically....that was 2 hours of my life, that I will never get back.  And I certainly wish I could, I would use those 2 hours to sleep a little more!

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