Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Pst... I've got a secret to share.
Okay...maybe it's not that big of a secret, in fact, I am sure you are all aware of what I am about to say.
Are you ready for this?
IT IS FALL!!!!!!!
I am loving, loving, loving, fall right now.  It is just brisk enough in the morning for a light jacket, but warm enough by mid-afternoon that the jacket is not necessary, but always optional.  There is that little reminder that winter is right around the corner, which makes me happy, but sad.  I love the things that come with winter, but I hate walking in the snow.  (Go figure)  But this is about Fall, not Winter.  The crunch of leaves beneath your feet.  The smell that always accompanies Fall, you know the smell...backwoods nature-y, crisp, smell.  -Clearly, I am terrible at coming up with a description of the smell.  The colors, oh the colors of the trees! They are amazing.  Let me just give you a sample, in case you have been locked in a room without any windows for the past month..

This is what I see every morning when I get off the bus at school, and what I see every day when I walk to get on the bus to come home.  Seriously if it weren't for the beauty that awaits me after the bus rides, I probably wouldn't get off the bus.  I could sit beneath these trees all day and be completely content with life.  Except on Tuesday's and Thursday's when I ride the bus with Arielle and we get to talk to our two favorite people.  (That is a story for another post...in the future)  

One more secret to share in this post.  I miss my kindergarteners.  They're no longer kindergarteners, they are first graders!  My mom still works with some of them, and I asked her about them today.  Bad move, bad move.   I forgot how much I LOVE working in the classroom.  I am done, done, done with school.  I want to just be teaching.  I've said it so many times before, but I'm serious.  School is becoming too much of a routine.  Hm...those are my secrets...
Enjoy!! Feel free to share a secret or two, if you wish!

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