Saturday, November 5, 2011


To all those who read this, I have some news to share with you.
I find it to be rather exciting news.
Winter has hit!  It is upon us now.  Snow graces the lawns, and my nose gets freezing when I walk outside.  Now, I find it to be odd that I am so excited about it.  I normally hate winter, but for some reason, this year is different.  I can feel it...strange I know.  But, it is such a magical time of the year!  I was at my best friends last night, talking and laughing for 2 hours straight, and when I left her house it was snowing.  I was a bit sad, because well, I don't really like snow.  But there was something about driving home at midnight, with the snow lightly falling, no traffic, and the gleam of the street lights, mixed with the Christmas music playing softly in the car, that really hit me.  It was magical, truly magical.  I posted on my Facebook page when I got home that it is funny how the thing I dislike most in the world is the one thing that can bring peace and joy to my heart.  Always.  The first snow of the year, watching the snow flakes fall at any point in the year.  It is soothing to my heart.  People can complain about the Christmas music being played on the radio, or on my computer constantly for the next two months, but I believe we all secretly love it.  We all love the Christmas season, and the joy that feels the air, and if I have to listen to Christmas music to get that feeling started, then so be it!  Definitely going to make the best of this winter.  Thanks to lovely Pinterest, I found a winter bucket list.

I plan on doing most of these.  The hot tubbing/swimming seems a bit silly to me, as well as the shucking oysters suggestions. Really people? haha. Also, I am looking for someone who has a fireplace that I could borrow to makes s'mores, because I don't have one, and neither does my friend.   :)   
There is one thing that is not on the list, that I have the opportunity to do, but I am far to chicken to follow through with it.  But it is something that I have always wanted to do, and that would be........ learn to snowboard.  Seriously, I am from Utah, born and raised, and I have never spent any time on the slopes.  I think my fear of heights, motion sickness, fear of ski lifts, and klutziness would be a problem. Although, like I said, I have been given the opportunity, for lessons, one on one lessons, so maybe, only maybe..

Happy Winter Everyone!!

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