Friday, November 11, 2011


so every day on occasion i sit at the institute building on campus.
it is only for a few hours minutes at a time, but i hear/see some pretty funny things.
i could start a book, and it would be a best seller, because i know there are so many people out there who are dying to hear what mormon utah valley university students have to say during the course of their day. but really, the things that are said, are hilarious. 
today's was probably the greatest one yet...

guy sits down at table. 
across the room a group of girls are gathering.
guy begins using his laptop, cell phone, and ipod (oh how our generation can multitask.)
girl from group of girls: "HEY! CUTE BOY!! ON YOUR CELL!!"
guy looks up with that look of..."are you talking to me" on his face.
girl: "Yeah, will you come take our picture?"
guy: "Sure."
guy walks over to group of girls
girls squirm (really have you never been around a guy? oh maybe you are nervous about getting your picture taken...)
guy continues to stand....
girls continue to squirm...
friend of first girl says to the guy: "well, at least she thinks you're attractive."
girls invite another friend to be in the picture.
guy takes picture.
and another.
and another.
oh one more, from a different angle.

oh how i love sitting at the institute building. it never ceases to amaze me how awesome people are. one day i will be as awesome as them, just watch!

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