Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Adventures of the 2011 variety.

I'm kind of a tradition freak, okay not kind of, I really am.
I like my traditions.
My favorite tradition of the winter season is of course, going downtown to see the lights.
Also going to the tree lighting at the Gateway.

Good thing I have amazing friends who go along with me on these crazy adventures.

The weekend before Thanksgiving Whitney, Keith, Arielle, and I met up with Whitney and Nick  downtown at the Gateway for the Lights On Celebration.  It was cold. It was awesomely frustrating. It was fun. The end.

I have been down to see the lights at Temple Square 3 times this winter.

The first time was with my ward, oh that was an experience.  Alli and I had been together before hand so we just rode over to the church together, but someone forgot their license and wasn't going to be able to drive downtown.  So we rode with a guy in our ward.  Let's just say that was an adventure.  We got downtown, met up with the rest of our ward, and... went straight to the visitors center and watched a movie.  LAME LAME LAME!

Then last weekend I went downtown with my cousins Doug and Ashley.  They came up to visit Grandpa Bell, so I met them over at his house and we had a nice little visit with him.  Mostly we heard about the infamous Bell home in England, and then of course Bell's Hill up in Richmond.  Oh how I love my Grandpa's stories! After our visit we drove down to Salt Lake.  Of course we picked the weekend when they had the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert, and the weekend before Christmas to go.  So of course it was packed.  We finally found a place to park and walked over to Temple Square.  It was quite a lovely time.  I loved spending time with my cousins and getting to know them a little better.   I was also really glad to learn that I wasn't alone in just finding out that the 3 Wise Men weren't actually there right after Christ was born.  (Don't judge, I am sure I had been told that but just dismissed it since they are included in the nativity scene.)

Finally we have the 3rd time that I went down to see the lights.  Wednesday night.  Arielle and I wanted to get a group together and go down.  It turned out being like a Snow College reunion plus a few.  :) It was a lovely group of 10 people; myself, Savannah, Keith, Courtney Jones and her friend Paul, Arielle, Susan and her friend Matt, Whitney, and Spencer.  We got down there and waited for Whitney and Spencer to get there (they drove, we rode trax..) so while we waited we went into the visitors center, while we were walking around I ran into the young women from my home ward.  I pretty much got tackled by Elle, which may have made my night! It was so fun to see the girls again.  Whitney and Spencer go there so we headed out to see the lights.  It is a little difficult to walk around in that big of a group so we got a little separated and would meet up in random spots around Temple Square.  We went to the other visitors center where we looked around and Susan attached herself to my purse so that she wouldn't get lost again. Then we went home.  All in all in was a lovely evening!

Court Jones!

Snow and the temple=beautiful!

Arielle and I; recreating an old roommate photo.

Savannah and Arielle, with Susan and Matt to the right

Keith, Whitney, and Spencer

Jana, Keith, Whitney, and Spencer

Susan and myself

The lights by the Assembly Hall


  1. love the lights at Temple Square... totally worth the cold every time. And you got such great pictures!

  2. SO glad we are in on the 2 Wise Men thing together. Love you!