Tuesday, January 24, 2012

gratitude for a friend

"a friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are."
i need to tell you about a dear friend of mine. a dear, dear friend. her name is alli.  i call her alli j. you see, alli j lives behind me.  she has lived there for a while.  i didn't know her very well, really i don't think i had ever met her.  back in may of 2011 the singles wards changed, and alli started to come to the ward.  it was the first week, or one of the first weeks and i didn't really know anyone at the mingle, so when i saw a familiar face (alli) i decided i would talk to her.
little did i know, that choice was the best decision i could have made.
you see, alli has become more than a friend. if you were to ask us when we started to become such good friends, we wouldn't be able to tell you.  it was sometime around august (i think). she convinced me to go to the ward bear lake trip, even though i really didn't want to. and i ended up having a great time.  since that time (whenever it was that we became so close) you could probably count on one hand the amount of days that we have gone without talking to each other.  it may seem a bit pathetic to some (our parents think we're crazy) but we cannot go a day without talking to each other. whether it be texting, or multiple phone calls.  seriously, if we go a day without talking it is bad news. we're talking panic attack bad news.
as i said alli has become more than a friend to me.  she is so so much more than that.  basically like an older sister.  i think she knows more about my life than anyone, and she doesn't judge. she would do anything for me, and i know it. many times, i have been brought to tears because of her willingness.
here are just a few examples:
it was finals week of fall semester 2011, i was struggling.  i just wanted the semester to end. i was just having a hard time. i called her, on the brink of tears, and asked if she would look over a lesson plan for me.  two seconds later there was a knock on the door, i open it. and there stood alli, with a smile on her face, and gift bag in hand. i opened the bag and inside was michael buble's christmas cd, and thing of air heads (to remind me that i'm not one), a box of krabby patties (to keep me from being crabby) and a card. I opened the card, and there was an iTunes gift card.  all of this was to get me through finals week.
another time, when she showed the most selfless act ever happened on a sunday.  our ward was having our christmas choir program. i had to be to the church early, all of my families cars were being used. i had already told a different friend that i wouldn't need a ride (thinking that i would be able to use a car).  i knew alli wouldn't be going to church because she was uber sick with strep throat. i texted her, being funny, and said "how long do you think it would take me to walk to church?" her response was simple "10 minutes because i'm going to drive you." i begged and pleaded for her not to take me because i knew how sick she was. 5 minutes later, she was sitting outside my house ready to take me to church.
just last week i texted her telling her that i missed the only bus that would get me to school on time.  again, she was sick.  this time with food poisoning (from a dinner we had eaten the night before) and she responds, do you need me to come take you to a different bus stop? do you need my car? seriously, the girl was basically on her death bed (that's what she'll tell you anyways) and here she is offering to take me to a different bus stop.
she has seen me through some hard times over the past few months. agreed with me on many occasions. kicked me in the butt to get me to do a number of things.
i am grateful every day to my heavenly father for bringing this girl into my life, right when i needed her.  she has taught me so much.  she's taught me that every little thing in life should be celebrated. she cheers me on and encourages me to keep going, even when i feel like i don't want to go on. she listens to my whining and tells me that things will be okay. she taught me that car dance parties can be fun. and that it is okay if you're not perfect.
i am now, and forever will be grateful for her and her example.  i heart you alli j!

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  1. If your goal was to make me cry...you succeeded! I am humbled by this portrayal of me-I hope you know how much I love you and appreciate your friendship!
    Love you!