Thursday, January 19, 2012


it is happening all around us. moving faster than it seems it should. i am currently struggling with a few things in life, specifically friendships. friendships are funny things. i have reached a point where i think continuing a friendship is more work than is worth it. i keep telling myself that i am done and that i am going to find a way to move on. i have prayed many prayers asking for help to make this transition easy. it isn't a friendship where you only lose one friend, no this could cost me several. an answer came to me during my 7 habits of highly effective peoples class. we were discussing how we can create our own weather. i thought, maybe I don't need to give up this friendship, just change the way i let certain things effect me. another answer came in the form of a phone call with my best friend. over the summer we spent basically every day together, then school started so it was limited to almost every other day. it has now been a week and a day since we have done anything, and we haven't talked all that much during that time. it was so great to be able to talk to her and laugh about our crazy lives. it doesn't matter how many friends i have it is the quality. and I have some pretty amazing friends who would do anything for me.

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