Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello there...

Sorry, it seems as if I have become a boring blogger over here.  I know there was a time when I would keep all 5 of you reading this informed on my life, and most recently I just haven't felt like anything was that exciting to write about.  I decided the other day that enough was enough, I needed to fill you in on my life, no matter the excitement level.  (No worries, even if it isn't exciting I will have pictures =D)

I'm at the point in life where my friends are coming home from their missions instead of leaving.  (Well, some are still leaving, but most are coming home.)  It is a great time! Homecomings are so much better than farewells.  Nick came home in mid February, and Adam got home in mid March.  After Nick got home our small group of friends started playing games a lot.  I feel like we had a game night almost every weekend or more for the first 2 or 3 weeks that he'd been home.  Which is funny, because I'm normally not a fan of games.  But it has been exciting!

With the anticipation of a new mall opening up in Salt Lake we planned a little outing to go check it out.  So the day after City Creek opened Kaytlin, Jaci, Savannah, Kylee, Adam, Nick, Alec, and myself headed downtown for a night full of excitement.  Just like every other girl in Salt Lake, Kaytlin and I were super excited to go to Tiffany's.  We planned on finding each other our prospective engagement rings. (Yes, all before both of us even have a prospective prospect for marriage...) So that was the plan, just get to Tiffany's.  Well, apparently walking through a mall with 8 people is a little more complicated that you'd expect. We ended up just walking around, seeing what the mall was all about.

Kaytlin, Savannah, Jaci, Kylee, and myself. Let's pretend that my eyes are open in this shall we....
We were finally on our way to Tiffany's and I was super excited! As we were walking past the main plaza we heard some music coming from downstairs.  It was really good accappella music.  Adam turned to me and said "Jana, it's Eclipse!" I may have exclaimed rather excitedly "Adam, I'm so glad you're here!!!"  *Back story, Adam loves accappella.  We both have a love for Eclipse, which we always discussed during high school.*  So we decided we wanted to skip going to Tiffany's and head downstairs and listen to them.  So while the rest of the group went to Tiffany's, Adam and I went to enjoy the mini concert.

After a few minutes, the rest of the group joined us.  We finished listening to them, then we went over and talked to them and took a picture. After we finished that we had to find Nick and Alec because they didn't want to listen to the music.  We decided to meet them at the food court so that we could get some dinner.  So we went to the food court and got our food.  Ate, and talked.  It was swell.  After we finished eating we wanted to go up and see if we could get into the Disney Store.  The wait was a bit too long for our liking to get into the store so we decided to head back to Kaytlin's house for dessert and to play games.

Savannah and Jana (yes our names rhyme, it was a great way to start a friendship)

Kylee and myself 

Me, Adam, Jaci, Kaytlin, and Eclipse

Now for the rest of the pictures from the day....
The following two pictures are in thanks to Alec.  I told him he looked like a tourist with his jacket wrapped around his waist so he took my camera so that he would really look like a tourist, and these pictures are the result...

Nick, and the side of Adam's face, waiting for food..i think

A lovely yellow balloon

Jaci really likes fountains, and City Creek did not disappoint (although we didn't see the man made waterfall...)
Jaci in front of the fountain

The lovely statues that they had around the mall.  I loved watching people freak out when they realized it was a real person.

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