Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Given the opportunity, if I could go back in time, and change something
there isn't much that I would want to change. 
But, there is one thing, that at this moment, I would change.
And that one thing would be?....

Dying my hair.

I told myself I would never dye my hair. Never, ever, never!
Then I graduated high school, and I was moving down to Ephraim for school.
My whole life was changing, so I said "What the hey!" and convinced my mom that getting highlights was a good thing!!
So there I sat, in my cousins kitchen, for hours, getting my hair chopped (so that my hair wasn't down to my badonkadonk) and then getting it highlighted.  Blonde, copper, and red.  I loved it! 
It was the perfect first change in my changing life.

Then the highlights started to grow out, so I decided "What the hey!" again and dyed my whole hair. I went dark.  Yet again, I loved it.

This is where the regret comes in.

Hair dye, doesn't last forever.  Your roots will eventually grow out.  So you're left with a few options.  Leave your roots to grow out and be stuck with odd looking hair.  Re-dye it the same color you had previously dye it.  Or try a whole new color.  It is a never ending process.

I'm at the point where I either dye my hair again, or continue to let it grow out.  Except it's bugging the crap out of my because my roots are much darker than the rest of my hair (dark brown roots, the rest is an auburny brown).  So now I'm in limbo. Re-dye or don't? 

It's a vain issue.  I know.  But in reality it's the one thing I would change if given the opportunity to.  I think? I did love my highlighted hair.....

Original hair color
Highlighted hair 

Full on dark

More red than expected...

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