Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Small Town Livin'

I sure know how to waste time.  It's a bad habit that I have, that needs to be fixed.  Tonight as I was putting off studying for my math test that I am taking tomorrow I stumbled upon something that held my attention for a long time.  I was on Facebook - which we all already know is the best way to waste time- when I found this gem of an idea.  I am friends with the manager of the apartment complex where I lived when I lived in Ephraim, she also happens to be my cousins wife's sister.  Anyways, as I was perusing through my news feed I noticed that she had posted in a group called "Sanpete's Trash to Treasures" I was hooked at the name!  So I clicked over to the group and started looking at what it was.  It was quite honestly an online garage sale for everyone in Sanpete County.  There were some gems listed for sale.  DVD's for $3, a few cars, a queen size water bed frame, a brand new crib (not that I need one, it was just there..).  People were even posting about a lost dog, hoping to find the owner.  As I was looking through this lovely find, I was also skyping with my friend Arielle, who is in China.  See, Arielle used to be my roommate, so she understands the love one can have for Sanpete County.  We both found this idea of an online yard sale to be genius.  But then we both also decided it isn't something you could pull off just anywhere.  Let's be honest, can you see this working in Salt Lake County? Yeah, I don't think so.  I don't even see it working in a single city (i.e. Sandy).  But Sanpete?  They pull it off well!  There was a listing for a house for sale, I told Arielle I was going to buy it, drop out of school, become a turkey farmer, and sale items in the online yard sale.  You may think I'm joking, but I'm not.  (Okay, maybe I am a little bit about dropping out of school to become a turkey farmer.)  But it is things like this that make me miss the small town life.  (yes, I am aware I posted not long ago about not regretting leaving the small town....let me be hypocritical for awhile.)  I took a quick trip down to Fountain Green, which for those of you who aren't familiar with Sanpete, is like the first town you come to once you hit the Sanpete County lines, it's just after the bend in the road and you'll know you've reached it when the speed limit drops from 65 mph to 45 mph then suddenly to 35 mph.  The reasoning for this quick trip was that I was going along for the ride with my best friend Whitney because she had a wedding reception to attend.  The reception was held in the cities(towns?) dance hall.  The dance hall is a quaint little building tucked in between the general store and the post office.  Whitney and I had both worn dress slacks and nice shirts, instead of pulling out the skirts.  But we walked in and realized we could've come in our jeans and plaid!  It was true country weddin' and I was beyond excited!  After we had been at the reception for a time we decided to wander the town.  We wanted to see just what was on State Street, and just enjoy the small town.  As we walked down State Street we soon found that everything was closed, and some shops had signs that said "Closed, will return at 9:30"  Yes, we are quite certain the whole town shut down for the reception, how cute!!  As we continued walking for a few blocks, we both decided that is what we missed most about living in Ephraim.  Being able to walk down the street and not be scared for you life.  Being able to enjoy the sounds and smells of nature, instead of the city. (Yes, call me crazy, I love the smell of the country, even though my allergies HATE it!) We even had an encounter with a dog who followed us until we turned the corner, where it continued to sit at the stop sign, we think it was trained not to go past that point in the road.

Guys, Fountain Green has a Lamb's Day Parade! How awesome is that!?!?! Go here to view a clip of it!  Also, if you just want to learn more about Fountain Green in general, all 1.4 square miles of it, here's what wikipedia has to say.

So folks, if you haven't ever tried the small town living, I suggest you give it a go.  I highly recommend a good trip to Sanpete County.  Book yourself a motel room, and enjoy the country life for a weekend.  Some may find it boring, other may believe it rinks (c'mon, you get used to it, I promise!).  But, I think it's the best thing around.  It is quite honestly one of the best therapies for me, to just escape the city and enjoy the country.  Go on, I dare ya!

Now, enjoy some pictures of Sanpete County!! *Warning, after viewing them, you may want to visit*

Palisade Lake
Manti Temple
Pioneer homes in Ephraim

Ephraim, the scenery is gorgeous!
Ephraim Canyon

Small town sunsets are the best

This is my favorite place in the world...

Told ya, best sunsets around!


  1. Thanks for making me homesick! I'm so excited to make a trip down this weekend for my brother's "country wedding". Now I want to text and see if I should wear jeans! ha And I've noticed that online yard sale too! How fun!

  2. Thanks for making me homesick! I'm so excited to go down this weekend for my brother's "country wedding"! Now I want to text and ask if I should wear jeans. And how cool is that online yard sale. I noticed that too!