Thursday, July 26, 2012


For a long time, I have had a dream.  What's that dream you may ask?  It's simple.  I love photography. I feel at peace with my camera in hand, and as cheesy as it may sound, the pure joy that I have when I put the pictures on my computer and go through them, is astounding.  This dream that I have had for a while is to have my pictures be in others homes and hopefully they can bring someone a fragment of the joy that I find in the pictures.  It's something I have slowly pursued. Very very slowly pursued, but I've tried.  I don't want this next part to come across to sound that I am jealous, or angry. Because I'm not.  I've just seen some people who are achieving this dream themselves, and it tears a little tear in my heart, each time.  It's hard to have a dream so big, so prominent, and such a huge part of your life for so long, and have it be sitting at at stand still, and then watch as other people are accomplishing exactly what you want to be accomplishing.
Don't worry, this doesn't mean I am giving up on my dream.
I am most certainly going to be continuing to pursue this dream, and for two seconds, I am going to allow myself to be a tiny bit sad, that I'm at a dead stand still when it comes to this dream.

But I will always, always remember this...

Don't worry guys, I'll get there one day!

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