Thursday, July 26, 2012

St. George 2012 *friend edition*

St. George. Three amazing friend (plus me, so four ladies). A much needed getaway. Car dancing, and song belting for four straight hours.  iPad videoing of said car dance partying.  Inside jokes to top all inside jokes.  Pictures galore.  Hiking at Zions. Swimming pool fun.  Flashbacks to the '90's courtesy of N'SYNC.  Not one, but two plays at Tuacahn.  Tuacahn parking lot dancing.  Using purses as a tripod. Shopping, shopping, shopping. Singing to the sun.  Wishing for clouds to leave so we could tan.  Three out of four coming down with strange stomach problems, at different times.  Trip to the temple.  Hotel bed jumping.  Pretty much zero sleep, all three nights.  Laugh attacks.  You name it, it was included in this trip.  Now for pictures (no videos allowed, sorry) to be followed by a collection of quotes.

We're off!

The lady in the car back there, was really annoying...

This is what you get when you use purses as a tripod. Blurry, terrible, pictures.

Ultimate photo bomb

Whitney and her love, Link Larkin

Third row seats!

*Quotes* (these will only make sense to the four of us, and are mostly for my memory.)

"!!" -Alli J
"I'm easy!" -Ky
"Can you open this for me, it's like it's child proof or something." -Whit
"Being a tease is fun!" -Ky
"I am too tired to get up and dance so I will bed dance!" -Alli
"Are we going skinny dipping?" -Whit
"Don't make me laugh in the deep end!" -Whit
"Weet weet" -all of us, in any given public place

Kylee: "I'm just rambling, I'm a rambler."
Jana: "Yeah, Kylee's a rambler, but not the house kind."

Jana: "Is there anyone in the pool?" (to Kylee who was looking out the window that overlooked the pool.)
Kylee: "Yeah there are some people out there."
Jana: "A lot?"
Kylee: "There's four people...night swimming....rrrrwwwrrrr" ladies, here...we go! -all of us, all the time

When we first arrived to the hotel, I made a pterodactyl noise, it was hilarious, and I have no idea why I made it, and if I could write it out in words, I would.  Just imagine dinosaur noises.

There was only one or two incidents of possible injuries, I may have punched Alli during the night once.

I'm certain there was more, I just didn't get them all down.


  1. I love you....that's all :)

    Ok not really-Umm this trip was amazing in so many ways-it was precisely what I needed! Thanks for being you (even if you did punch me)! I sure love you!

    1. Oh alli j it was exactly what I needed as well. I think I need another one life is too much to take. Bahaha I hit me too!!!

  2. I love you...that's all!

    Ok not really-thank you for an AMAZING vacation. It truly was unforgettable! I sure love being your friend (even if you do punch me while I'm sleeping) ;) Thanks for being you!