Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So I have this slight fear of going places by myself.  Shopping. Doctors. School. Everywhere.  But for some reason I have the biggest problem going to church or church activities by myself.  It causes severe anxiety.  Like, stomach churning, tear making, anxiety.  Tonight the institute held a forum, like they do every Wednesday.  I told myself I was going to go, whether anyone else went or not.  Well, I conversed with a few friends, whom I normally attend with.  None of them were going to be going.  I started to panic, but remembered the promise I made myself so I went, hoping that maybe I would run into someone I knew.  Well went I did, run into someone I knew? Nope.  Not a soul.  But no worries, I ended up making a new friend, and suddenly, I feel like I can do this whole, attend church activities by myself thing.

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  1. Oh I'm SO GLAD. I'm with you though! Like..I feel like every church activity people have GROUPS. So when you're not in their "group" you're like..."hhmmmm.." I'm the same way girl. But super proud that you went. Wahoo!