Monday, September 24, 2012

How do you know?

How do you know you have one of THE greatest friends in the whole world?

 Well that's simple, when they go along with your Harry Potter bus jokes..

Percy Weasley anyone?...

When they walk out of their house like this....

Just to watch a movie at the church for FHE.

When you start a list of quotes with her on your phone, and most of them can only make the both of you laugh...

But mostly you know you have a great friend when you can take pictures like this...

And not be afraid to show the world.  Yup...I'm pretty sure I lucked out big time!

On a completely random side note: do you know how awkward it is to add your cousin as a friend on facebook and have them deny your request...yeah it's pretty awkward....


  1. I hope that wasn't one of my children.

    1. ha nope aunt polly, it wasn't one of you children that denied me! no worries!