Monday, September 17, 2012

It's my birthday! (tomorrow!)

I have spent the weekend celebrating my birthday like it was never going to come!!

I was supposed to go to the state fair, but ended up with either A) food poisoning or B) 24-hour flu, either way, celebrating DID NOT happen this day.

Woke up feeling MUCH better and did some homework.  I actually like said homework, so it was basically celebrating.  Then I got ready for the BIG game.  I went to Kaytlin's house where we made delicious food and cute little Utah/BYU toothpicks.  Then we went to Nick's house and watched the game and had WAY too much fun.  Also, Kaytlin got me the first season of Psych on DVD!

Go Cougars!

Opposition in all things, right

I was surrounded the entire night..

You could say we're crazy...

Woke up, and relaxed until Kaytlin came and got me and we went to David's farewell.  Phone tag/text tag was played between Colby and I for most of the day.  Plans were made to meet at the Kohl's parking lot that evening for a trip to Provo.  Went to my Grandma's house for awhile, then booked it home to get the car, some cheese, and dash off to Kaytlin's house.  Picked Kaytlin up and sped off to Kohl's, where I promptly got yelled at (on the phone) in front of Target because I was late, and someone (Colby) wouldn't calm down.  Car parked, and left at Kohls.  20 minute drive to Provo, gut busting laughter the entire way down.  A little too much Taylor Swift (WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER!)  Get to Alicia's house, Kaytlin and I walked a good few feet behind Colby as he walked up to Alicia's yelling "Alicia!! The Mormon's are here!!!"  Dinner was served, a mashed potato sundae.  A game was played (DiXit), magazines were read. Then... the candles were lit, and the song was sang, candles were blown out, tackling was done, and the cake was cut.  We all ended up with blue teeth, and enjoyed a lot of laughter.  20 minute ride back to Draper, listened to the worst children's song ever (Colby and I found it too hysterical to say that it is the worst one..)

Some of my favorite people ever

I went to school.  BLAH.
BUT!! Alicia (the kind soul that she is) took me to lunch, where we enjoyed some lovely Chinese food on campus, and had a good hour long chat session.  Then, I came home, and went to the library (PARTY!)  I decided to go to FHE with Kaytlin, our ward was going to go rock climbing.  We pull into the parking of the outdoor rock climbing place and start walking...and then we start hiking....and then I start worrying, and almost crying, and swearing.  My knee hurt SO bad, and I wanted to turn around.  So Kaytlin and I had an argument on the trail, I wanted to leave, she wouldn't let me go unless she came with me.  We eventually decided to head back down to her car.  We got a little lost, but didn't care because the trees were beautiful.  Finally find our way, and get to the car.  Drive down the mountain, see temple, scream.  It was gorgeous, and I wish I would have had my real camera instead of phone.  Then, we went to Kylee's house, after calling her, and leaving her 20 million vox's (ever heard of voxer? It is a wonderful walkie talkie app and has completely changed my life, for the better).  Sit in front of Kylee's house, writing her a note, and fly to the ceiling when Kylee decides to scare us half to death.  Act like we have no voice, and pretend to be old grandma's.

A delicious lunch, thanks to Alicia

Getting lost was worth it!

Also, I have gotten a lot of, "It's your birthday tomorrow reminders!!" like I'm getting so old I'm going to forget that fact or something...
Yeah, you could say I am enjoying my celebrating.  Although,  it definitely shows how immature this almost 22 year old can be!

Ps. listen to this song, it is SO good!!

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  1. I missed it, DANG IT! I'm super sorry. But happy 22! it sounded like you got feeling better. I sure hope you did. It looks like you had a stellar weekend and even though I am a Utes fan, we can definitely still be friends :) Haha! Hope your birthday was stellar, pretty girl!