Thursday, September 20, 2012

On repeat

I have had a song playing on repeat on my phone since Sunday. The reasoning behind it is quite pathetic now that I have take a moment to think about it all. The song reflects my mood perfectly, so that's why I started playing it. But now that I want to be changing my mood it is just getting me stuck. I changed the song, but went right back to it. Its like an addiction...


  1. What is the song called, MISS? :) I may have missed that...

    1. Oh this is where it gets even more pathetic, because in reality it's not the words that match my mood more just the music. But it is "Why Ya Wanna" by Jana Kramer. If you were to go off the lyrics, you'd think I was going through a break up, which i"m not...but for some reason, it fits my mood.

    2. I know how that is! I love that song by the way. Did you ever watch One Tere Hill? IT's super crazy that she is a SINGER now! A super talented one too.