Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recent observations

Bus rides, in the mornings, by yourself, are really boring.

I have some pretty hilarious friends, if only we had a camera on us all the time, then you'd understand.

My favorite jeans are getting a hole in them, and my favorite shoes (I own two pair of them I love them so) have holes in the soles (both pairs!!)

I have a love for Champion rain jackets

I rediscovered my love for Everwood. My twelve year old self would have been in heaven watching four episodes in one night.

Physical therapy is kickin my trash. I am super glad I don't go back until Monday.

You know you have great taste in shoes when the exercise therapist at physical therapy either a) is wearing the same shoes as you or b) asks if you can just trade shoes right then and there.
Dwelling on the past does no good for anyone, just move on.

It's midterms, the semester is almost over!

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