Thursday, November 29, 2012

Strong enough to live it...

I thought life was going to be going upwards after last week...
it took a spiral downwards last night,
and I am scared that it may not spiral back up for a while.
I was sitting at institute forum last night,
and I guess I moved wrong and....
bet ya can guess what happened...
yup, my knee locked up.
I cannot move, 
I have to have my mom or my sister lift my leg onto my bed because it is that difficult to move.
I just want to scream about the timing of this.
2 weeks before the semester ends
3 weeks before surgery
2 days before I was supposed to go downtown to see the Christmas lights (my favorite winter tradition ever!)
I don't know how I am going to finish out the semester if I can't move..
I am hoping and praying that 
a) teachers will be understanding and help me finish off
b) my knee will fix itself enough that I can walk a little bit.

As I have said before,
I don't know why this trial has been placed in my life,
but there must be a good reason why,
with a wonderful blessing at the end of it.
I just need to continue to hold tight to my testimony 
and rely on that more than ever.
Somehow, I will get through this.


  1. I love all three of those quotes. Absolutely LOVE! You will get through this. I don't doubt it whatsoever. I'm sorry you have to deal with it though. It doesn't make it any easier. Take it as an opportunity to get closer with your Heavenly Father. And if it helps..I would LOVE to go see the lights with you and push you in a wheelchair. I would love nothing more. Doesn't mean you can't go, sweetie!

    1. You are seriously the best! I am grateful for this blog world for creating this lovely friendship! I seriously considered finding a wheelchair and having my friends push me around, but then I realized I have two flights of stairs to go down to get outside, which wouldn't be fun, at all! Thanks for the offer!