Friday, November 30, 2012


I get a small glimpse into what my life could be like;
in the future.
And ya know what I always find out...
I'm probably going to be a lot more like my mom than I thought.
Which is in no way a bad thing! 
In fact, it is a splendid thing really,
just makes me laugh.
My mom likes to clean,
okay she doesn't like to clean,
but she likes things to be clean.
But, who doesn't?
The woman never stops,
she'll wake up at 6:00 am on Saturday's and doesn't stop cleaning until 1:00 pm.
Sometimes even later.
It drives me nuts!
She'll be cleaning when she's sick;
or when there are other things to do;
she's just always cleaning.
Which, I guess reflects back on me...
I should probably start helping more..
But, here is where the glimpse into the future comes into play.
This year I have noticed a little change.
I'll wake up early on Saturday (not 6:00 early, but like 7:30..)
and immediately start cleaning (BAH!)
and there have been multiple times this year when I have been sick, 
and I'll just clean. 
Tonight, guess what I did...
that's right folks, I was cleaning the kitchen.
Here I am, not really able to move, but 
I WANTED to clean the kitchen.
And, when I woke up this morning; I cleaned my room, while maneuvering a crutch.
So folks, that is a glimpse into my future,
I think I'm going to be exactly like my mom in that I will always be cleaning.

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  1. It must be genetic or something because when I am sick or feeling down that is when most of my cleaning gets done. :D