Monday, November 5, 2012

To that couple on the bus:

Dear couple who was riding the southbound 811 bus this morning;
I don't want to sound like your mother,
but please, it was only 8:15 in the morning,
there is no reason for you to be all over each other so early.
okay, no matter the time, there is no reason, period.
I hope you noticed that young man who was situated ever so awkwardly
right between you two.
I am quite positive he did not appreciate the hand holding, over his body,
and the leaning over him to kiss each other was probably not very comfortable for him either.
I was feeling uncomfortable for him.
dear couple,
you can't be much older than high school juniors
sidenote: there is a high school on UVU's campus, for super brilliant children
and I am pretty sure I saw a ring on the girls finger.
I understand young love, and promise rings,
but by golly that looked like an engagement ring.
Think before you jump to fast young ones.
Although you attend school at a university, 
it does not mean you are old enough for such large decisions.

these are my personal opinions, but really...
what junior in high school should be walking around with a giant rock on their finger?!?!?
and what junior in high school should feel like they can practically make out on the bus,
okay, what respectable human being feels that way?!?!
Sometimes people are way too eager to grow up,
I'd give anything to go back to my younger years right now....

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  1. Hi Jana! I just clicked over to your blog and read about all of your knee problems! Oh I am so sorry for all you have been through. It sounds like it has been frustration upon frustration. Not having answers is so very difficult, especially when you are in pain!

    I was having problems with my knee cap being out of place. I think my dr. called it patellar mal-tracking. It felt like my knee cap would catch on something anytime I bent it. I did PT for about 6 weeks before we scheduled scope surgery. The dr. thought he would find torn cartilage that my knee cap was catching on, but instead he found what's called a plica. It was basically a thick band of connective tissue that had shifted and was in between my knee cap and my knee. He removed it and also 2 other plicas that were to the side. (Plicas are an irregularity that grow in some people's knees but not others... I guess. And they don't show up on MRI's). Recovery has been slow but overall the surgery was really not too bad! I hope this helps, and I hope you find answers soon!

    Sorry for this UBER long comment on your blog... if you want to ask me any more Q's or just chat about knees (lol) you can totally email me at amyn2217 (at), I would love to hear from you Jana!! :)