Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Sometimes, dreams become reality,
other times, you nightmares become reality.
I thought I was prepared for my doctors appointment.
I had cried.
I had cried A LOT.
I had joked about my knee problem,
and joked even more than I cried.
I was a nervous wreck driving from Orem to West Jordan for that doctors appointment.
Then the doctor came in, and two seconds later he was informing me that the only course of option we had to take was surgery.  Given it is only a scope surgery, and a diagnostic scope surgery at that, so it's not nearly as invasive as it could be.  I still ended up crying as I walked out of the office.
On December 19th, I will go to the hospital and go under the knife.  They will see if they can see anything, and fix it if possible, as well as do a lateral release to hopefully help my knee cap get into it's rightful position.  Yes, that is less than a week before Christmas, and yes, I am slightly devastated over it.  I walked into the physical therapy office for the last time (until possibly after surgery) today, and it was a bittersweet moment.  It is kind of pathetic how much that place was a part of my routine after only 5 weeks.'s to knee's, Christmas, and trying to find the holiday cheer while drugged up (shouldn't be hard...right?!?!)

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