Saturday, December 22, 2012

{it's done}

yo peeps,
i'm still alive!
the surgery is over and went spectacular.
as spectacular as surgery can go really.

I got the call on Tuesday telling me to be
to the surgical center at 1:00 pm on Wednesday.
Tuesday night I did all the preparations that were listed 
on the lovely instruction sheet,
namely scrubbing my leg with an iodine scrub. (super weird, ps.)
Wednesday I was up at the crack of dawn,
but refused to get ready until the absolute last moment possible.
At about 11:00 I decided it would be best to get ready.
So again,
I did as I was told to do on my instruction sheet.
Then...12:30 came.
I was in hysterics by this point,
I was scared. And seriously considered backing out of the surgery.

We [the parental units and myself] get to the surgical center
I get checked in,
and I wait.
and wait.
and waaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt.
A nurse came out and said "Janalyn...
We have a small problem.
The anesthesiology team had an emergency at the hospital
so Dr. Session's is about 2 hours behind schedule."
So there I sat until 3:30 pm.
Then I was able to go back and change into the lovely gowns,
and curl up on a bed, under a scratchy blanket and start to sleep.
At 4:15 ish, the anesthesiologist came and got me and wheeled me back to the operating room.
They had me move from the gurney, to the operating table 
with my IV poking further into my hand,
and me awkwardly lifting my leg that I could barely move onto the table.
Then they said you'll be asleep in a few seconds,
the next thing I know,
I hear myself whimpering [yes whimpering, not crying]
and my teeth are chattering like I just came out of a -115° freezer.
And then, I'm being pumped full of drugs to
a) stop the teeth chattering
b) stop the pain.
Once they pumped the IV full with drugs,
they gave me a shot in the thigh with more drugs.
Although I was slightly incoherent,
I could still hear what the nurses were saying,
unbeknownst to them.
and what do I hear?
They couldn't find the cord to the ice machine they were supposed to be putting on my knee.
After much searching,
and a bit of arguing,
it was discovered that the nurse left the cord in the machine,
that she had filled with ice and water.
Ice machine= inoperable.

I was finally wheeled down to the room where my parents could come sit with me.
It was in that room that I was informed of what had been wrong with me.
a partially torn ACL and a torn meniscus.
I sat there and was shocked,
but not completely shocked,
it's what I felt to be the problem all along.
After I ate some food,
and the nurse could see that the pain med's were kicking in I was able to get dressed to go home.
Before we left the doctor stopped in and talked to me.
He told me he was shocked at just how bad
it had been.  
I am guessing, that the torn meniscus is what was causing all of the locking,
and being unable to move.
Because it was torn so bad it would get caught in the joints.

I've been ordered to put NO WEIGHT 
on my leg for a month.
I have broken that rule slightly 
a) because I had no other idea how I was going to get from the stairs to my room. 
(I scooted up the stairs, but couldn't/wouldn't scoot to my room)
b) a slight bit of weight may have been applied today as I lost balance on my crutches and
slowly fell backwards... (a swear word may or may not have followed suit)
I've spent most of the days in my room,
in my bed,
watching Netflix.
I've enjoyed many cheesy Christmas movies,
episodes of Hart of Dixie,
Saved by the Bell,
Hannah Montana,
Once Upon A Time
(I have TV ADHD)
I have also been blessed to have many visitors already,
and the prospect of more to come.
It's going to be an EXTREMELY 
long, tiring, trying month,
as I am not one to sit and do nothing with my days.
The semester can't start soon enough,
at least I can do my homework..

the ace bandage that covered my entire leg,
from my thigh to my toes,
completely fell off, because it was so lose.
So I was able to see my stitches,
I feel jipped as they are only in two places,
and normally they are in three.
They're so tiny I probably won't have any scars.
I feel like if I am going to be in pain,
I should be able to have something to show from it...

a lovely instagram picture for your viewing pleasure.
Yes, my preparations did include doing my hair (the instructions said to wash my hair...)
and my lovely ace wrapped, ice wrapped, knee.
p.s. visitors are more than welcome!!!!

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  1. I shall come to see you tomorrow...yes? I sure love you girl!