Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Day Before

Twas the day before
knee surgery
and all through the house
there were things to be accomplished
yet nothing was getting done.

Baskets of laundry
needing to be washed.
Sheets to be changed
and floors to be vacuumed 

All that was accomplished so far 
was cupcakes picked up and delivered;
episodes of Hart Of Dixie watched
All while thoughts of the surgery repeated in my head.

Apparently I think I am some sort of poet these days,
who can copy "Twas the Night Before Christmas" HA!

It's true though,
the surgery is tomorrow and I have 
a bucket load of things that NEED to get done.
Yet what am I doing?
Watching "Hart of Dixie" on Netflix, and blogging.
procrastinating, really...

I keep telling people that I am excited for the surgery
because let's be honest, surgery means my knee will be fixed.
But I think I am getting more nervous,
than really needed.
Yesterday, I picked off all the finger nail polish on all 10 of my fingers.
Since you aren't really supposed to bite your nails,
I am sure picking nail polish off your fingers can't be very good.

I will get to all the laundry
and the cleaning
and the preparing.

But for now...I think I'll just worry about the surgery a little...

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